Fear – Wires Crossed

Fear – Wires Crossed
We continue our wires-crossed series with fear. Fear can be a result of crossed wires. 
We can ‘take on’ the fear of someone else’s experience. For example, a child might see a parent afraid of spiders and learn that behavior, taking it on as his own. “Dad’s afraid and he’s usually very brave, so I must be afraid, too.”
The brain can connect other emotions and express it as fear because it WILL get our attention. For example, A client suddenly became afraid to fly. He had flown for work nearly every week of years and it had never bothered him. All of a sudden it took everything he had to get the courage to board the plane.
In hypnosis we discovered the root of where it started: As passengers were boarding one day, he looked up from his book and saw a young man. He had a thought that looked like Jeff. He went back to his book. 
When he was in high school, four friends went to a party. My client decided to stay and catch a ride home with someone else. The 3 friends were in a bad car wreck and Jeff was killed. My client had never appropriately dealt with the guilt and sadness. These buried feelings were triggered every time he got on a plane, even though he could make no conscious connection to them.
Want solutions? Learn how to breathe. Learn self-hypnosis. Go to the blog section of the The FARE Hypnosis website and search the archives with the words ‘fear’, ‘emotions’, ‘breath’ and self-hypnosis. Lots of ideas will appear!
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