George Bernard Shaw said, “ The problem with communication is the illusion it has occurred.” 

When we fail to communicate with empathy, relating to the one we are speaking with, we think we have made our point, when in fact it may not have been understood at all.
Kevin hall writes about a restaurant owner who was tired of the humidity hardening his  bowls of sugar. He bought packets of sugar so customers could open them as they needed. He instructed his staff to take the sugar out of the bowls, clean them, and replace it with the new sugar. He left them to so the task.
The employees dutifully emptied and cleaned the bowls, then opened each packet and poured them in the bowls, asking each other why in the world he would want them to do it like this.
If the owner was thinking about how they heard the instructions and the employees had asked about what he was thinking, true communication would have occurred.
How are you communicating with others. And perhaps, most importantly, do you talk empathetically with yourself?
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