Negativity Bias

There’s a section on my intake form for new clients that asks them to list 7 positive benefits they’d like to receive from their sessions. Invariably I get responses like feel less stress, learn to hate fast food, or be less of a couch potato. They don’t sound like very positive benefits do they?
So why do we go toward the negative all the time? Our brains are exposed to thousands of stimuli every second and our conscious mind cannot possible process all of them. Because the primary function of our brain is to keep us safe, our subconscious mind filters out most of the stimuli, keeping a watch for the most dangerous or negative things to protect us from them. 
Being skewed toward the negative is a protective mechanism of our brains. We CAN, however, teach and re-wire our brains to the positive. First by recognizing the negative, then reframing what we’ve noticed into something positive that we want. So in my earlier example, be more calm, love natural, nutritious foods, and find fun creative ways to move my body.
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