Power of Words

As a hypnotist, I’m keenly aware of the power of words. The last couple of weeks we’ve been talking about the words “I’m sorry.” A few of you wrote with alternatives in reacting to ‘bad’ news. 
Using the words “I understand” or “I feel” seemed to be words that resonated with most as a way to respond – showing empathy for what the person had said. 
Give the person an opportunity to say more and then help them to reframe the scenario. For example – “I lost my job” could be followed by “I can only imagine how you feel. What happened?” After their  explanation, follow with a reframe of “It’s challenging to be in a place of uncertainty, but perhaps there’s a big door ready to open with the perfect opportunity for you.”
Many times we feel like we have to help fix their issue, but what they really want is just to be heard or to feel that they aren’t the only ones that this has ever happened to. You always have 3 ways to handle something: Don’t say anything, choose words that harm, or choose words that heal.
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