Sports Improvement – I’ve Never Played Lacrosse

I was talking about sports improvement on my radio show and received an an email from someone who thought I should have had to play the sport that the client came in to work on. Well, if that were true, I’d be out of business before I started! 
I get everything I need from the client. That’s right – the suggestions and way I work with a client comes from them – not me. Their subconscious mind doesn’t want MY advice – but it DOES know what it needs, so I rely on insights and information that comes directly from my clients.
Your subconscious has protective mechanisms built in that keeps you from accepting suggestions that were contrary to your needs, beliefs and values. I simply guide them through a process that helps them clean house of old stuff that no longer serves them, then give them the suggestions that they’ve written that they want to accomplish.
When it come to sports, clients know exactly how they want to improve – we work on the confidence, beliefs and motivation that they can do exactly that – whether its a golfer, basketball player, curler or equestrian – I’m an equal opportunity sports fan! 

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