Imagination is More Important than Knowledge

Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. I’m Roberta Fernandez, Your Ability Activator. Welcome to today’s Monday Mentions. I was thinking this weekend about an Einstein quote where he said imagination is more important than knowledge. It made me think about the importance of imagination.

There is an old belief that says everything that is seen must be unseen first and it really is true. Because when you think about everything that we have created in our lives, everything that man has created on this planet, stemmed from their ability to see something before it actually came into being and we can use our imagination in so many creative ways.

We can also use our imagination for negative things like worrying. Because worry is just taking something from the past and bringing it into our future and applying it to pretty much everything we want to. It hasn’t happened yet but we’re imagining in our mind.

So as you go through this week, think about how you’re using your imagination. Is it in a positive way or a negative way? One of the basic tenants of AHARA is that when we can imagine a solution it’s so much easier to get that solution that we’re imagining. But if we don’t imagine it first we can never allow it to manifest.

I’m Roberta Fernandez, Your Ability Activator. Have an amazing week!


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