Hypnosis for Pain

Science has shown the efficacy of hypnosis in pain management. It is an effective alternative to drugs, with none of the negative side effects.

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*We may need a referral from your doctor. Hypnotists do not diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions.
Hypnosis for Pain Management

Pain is an important and necessary sensation, designed to alert you of a problem in your body. 

Chronic pain causes discomfort long after the medical issue that caused the pain has been addressed, and it no longer serves a purpose.

Hypnosis for pain management helps you turn down the volume or change the sensations you feel. In this physical state of relaxation and heightened mental awareness, you can alter how you experience pain using your imagination.

Learn self-hypnosis to take back control and improve your comfort level.

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Headaches No More

Frequent headaches due to stress and tension? First stop is your doctor to make sure everything is ok – pain can be a warning sign, so check it out. Next stop is this audio recording. Use it at the very first sign of your headache and feel it disappear into nothing, nothing, nothing…….

Managing Your Pain

Pain comes from your brain, not where you hurt! You can control what it feels like. In this recording of a live workshop (audio and slides) you will learn:

– how pain is generated in your body
– the affect pain has on your body
– misconceptions about pain
– how hypnosis works
– why your thoughts are so important in reframing your pain
– a technique to help you feel calm and relaxed