Motivation versus Inspiration

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Clients often tell me they want more motivation. I tell them there’s a big difference between motivation and inspiration.  Motivation often implies that if you don’t do something, there will be consequences – usually negative ones. It’s something you feel like you HAVE to do. Inspiration comes from within. It is what brings you satisfaction, even […]


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AHARA results from the cumulative knowledge gained from being a serial entrepreneur spanning multiple disciplines. It is a unique way to approach problem-solving, goals, Self-development, and life. This program is forward-thinking and positively focused on a new way of thinking and viewing everything in your world. Before becoming a hypnotist, I was a business consultant […]

You are a Disco Ball

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The image of a disco ball came into my mind while working with a client recently. Perhaps you’ve danced under one, mesmerized by the sparkles on the floor, caught up in the patterns it created as it swirls around and around. You are like that disco ball, a thousand pieces of tiny mirrors that create […]


Featured Video Play Icon Integrity is defined as being honest and having strong moral values, of being whole and undivided. I think the first part of the definition cannot be possible without the second. When you live your life with integrity you never have to explain who you are, it is evident. You never have to justify your […]

Love and Kindness

Featured Video Play Icon I have talked a lot in these blogs about love and kindness. About paying it forward. While love and kindness are the best way to make your life, and this world, better, the first step is to feel it for yourself. I’ve also often said that the most powerful suggestion you could get is […]

Self-Esteem: Knowing Your Value

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Your self-esteem must come from knowing your value.  In your professional life, you must be clear on the value of your talents and what you bring to the table. If you aren’t sure, no one else will be either, and you’ll never garner the respect you deserve. In your personal relationships, it is up to […]

Fear – F.E.A.R.

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Fear is on my mind today. It is an emotion that has an important purpose – to tell you that you aren’t feeling safe. I want to talk about is the acronym of fear – False Evidence Appearing Real. It comes in many forms. Fear of success. Fear of failure. Fear of not being good […]

Making Choices

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I want to talk to you about making choices because you may be thinking about setting goals for 2023.  Reflecting on what you accomplished and what you didn’t this year is an opportunity to learn about the choices you made.  It’s also an opportunity to realize that because you now know things you didn’t know […]

Hypnosis for Remembering

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I recently used hypnosis to help a woman find a ring that used to belong to her grandmother. Here’s a reminder that you can’t find what you believe you have lost! The best way to approach a situation like this is to remind yourself to remember, not to forget.  When you tell your subconscious mind […]

Life is Like a River

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I drove by the Mississippi River last weekend and thought life is like a river. It is the perfect metaphor for life. A river narrows and widens, has turns and straightaways, the water can slow down, calm and quiet, or speed up like a rapid or even cascade over a waterfall.  Whether you enjoy your […]