Your Brain in Trance

We’ll take a Myth buster break this week to talk about some of the science of trance. As I mentioned last week, the research about how our brain works is growing every day, and although itsometimes creates more questions than answers, some of what happens while in the theta (trance) state has become much clearer. I’ll keep this explanation less clinical to convey the gist of what happens.
The Hippocampal Cortex floods an area of your brain known as the Corpus Callosum with chemicals. This is the pathway by which information is transferred between the two hemispheres of your brain. When in trance, the communication process is much more efficient between the conscious and subconscious mind – left brain and right brain working together more efficiently.
Many studies also show that similar parts of the brain are activated in imagining activities and in actually doing those activities, in memories and future planning, and in imagination and creativity.
We don’t understand exactly why the imagination is so profoundly influential in changing habits (neural ‘networks’ that perform automated behaviors and thoughts). Perhaps because of the improved communication and equilibrium during trance, the line between imagination and reality is blurred and the brain is ‘tricked’ into creating a more desired way of thinking or behaving.
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