Why Being Stuck is Harmful

(Sorry for the darkness and Godzilla lip sync effects – close your eyes and listen!)

Over the last 270 blogs I’ve done you’ve heard me talk about perspective and focus. To quote Byron Katie, “Reality is always kinder than your thinking.” Well, now more than ever it’s time for a refresher, as the coronavirus is consuming our attention. I’m going to bullet point this for you.

* Acknowledging what is happening is important – this keeps us safe

* What we focus on expands in our mind – for many that is fear.

  • Staying focus on something negative creates stress
  • Stress ruins our immune systems and is an underlying factor in many serious diseases

I’m not talking about putting your head in the sand and pretending that all is rosy. I AM saying that thinking about negative things all of the time is really bad for you on so many levels. 

Take time for appreciation. The world is still spinning and the sun is still rising. You have things in your life and your environment to be appreciative of. If you keep thinking about where you are at the moment, you become stuck right there and cannot see the future beyond this pandemic. And of course, this applies to other situations as well.

Your ability to change the way you think is critical for your mental and physical wellbeing.

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