Hypnosis for pain relief has garnered much research. Hypnosis is effective in managing pre-surgical and post surgical pain, and also with chronic pain.

Hypnosis Case Study Pain Relief

International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, Jan, 2008
A Meta-analysis of hypnotically induced analgesia: How effective is hypnosis?


  1. to determine the percentage of people who benefit from hypnoanalgesic suggestions
  2. to explore whether results based on empirical work in the laboratory generalize to medical settings and whether the effects of hypnosis are limited to a particular segment of the population (e.g., highly suggestible individuals)
  3. to explore whether the effects of hypnoanalgesic suggestions are less effective, equally effective, or more effective than other psychological interventions (e.g., relaxation training) in providing pain relief.

RESULTS: The results of the present study demonstrate that hypnotic suggestion is an effective analgesic based on analyses of 27 effect sizes and more than 900 participants. For 75% of the population, hypnosis provided substantial pain relief.

This finding suggests that a majority of the population (i.e., excluding people scoring in the low hypnotic suggestibility range) should benefit to a large extent from hypnotically suggested analgesia

Indeed, hypnotically suggested analgesia is at least as effective as nonhypnotic psychological interventions for pain management (e.g.,cognitive-behavioral) and should be considered as a potential pain management strategy when discussing treatment modality options with patients.

CONCLUSIONS: A review of the literature supports the view that hypnotically suggested pain reduction can be classified as a “well-established treatment,” and official designation will encourage the application of hypnotic suggestion to a wider range of patients with pain.