Hypnosis Case Study Childbirth

British Journal of Anaesthesia  July 26, 2004
Hypnosis for pain relief in labour and childbirth: a systematic review

OBJECTIVES: In view of widespread claims of efficacy, we aimed to review the available evidence regarding the effects of hypnosis, when used for pain relief, during labour and childbirth.

RESULTS: 8395 women were identified where hypnosis was used for labour analgesia.  Meta-analyses showed that, compared with controls, fewer parturients having hypnosis required analgesia. Of the two included NRCs, one showed that women using hypnosis rated their labour pain less severe than controls. The other showed that hypnosis reduced opioid requirements and increased the incidence of not requiring pharmacological analgesia in labour.

CONCLUSION: The risk/benefit profile of hypnosis demonstrates a need for well-designed trials to confirm the effects of hypnosis in childbirth.