Weight Loss has a Different Focus at FARE Hypnosis

Weight Loss has a Different Focus at FARE Hypnosis. Hi, my name is Rebecca Byrne. I’m a certified hypnotist withFARE Hypnosis, and I am joining you from my little meditation corner in my house today.

I want to talk with you about how hypnosis approaches weight loss differently than traditional means. And I think that there are two general ways to approach weight loss. I feel like we’ve been sold a bill of goods that tells us we need to follow an “outside-in” approach.  


What I mean is, first of all, when we decide to lose weight, it’s because we are looking outside ourselves to fit into a standard of beauty or a size standard that has been set by society at large or our peer group.  Then when we decide that it is time for us to lose weight, we look outside ourselves to find someone who can offer us a program or a plan. That plan is usually designed for the general population without considering our unique needs.


Another “outside-in” approach taken by the traditional methods could be offering medications or supplements to aid in reaching our weight loss goals. Sometimes these pills and supplements are successful in the short term.  The problem is that we can’t stay on them long-term, and without dealing with some of the other behavioral issues surrounding weight loss, we tend to gain the weight back after going off some short-term medication solutions.


Hypnosis, I feel, works from the inside out.  What I mean by that is that hypnosis can help us evaluate the issues we have with our body image and self-esteem, which has caused us to get into a place where we feel like we need to change.  You know, sometimes the reasons we need to change are healthy, and sometimes we need to evaluate what we’re telling ourselves about our bodies, right?  


Also, hypnosis can help us recognize and reprogram any negative thought patterns we’ve developed about our eating habits, behaviors around food, why we eat, and when we eat – those types of things.  


Hypnosis can also help us recognize and resolve any unprocessed emotions that cause us to trigger some unhealthy patterns regarding our eating habits. 


Finally, hypnosis allows us to tune into ourselves in a way that helps us recognize the difference between eating for hunger versus eating for distraction or eating to put something else off. It takes that inside-out approach and deals with the underlying reasons for our eating habits and choices.  


So, if this inside-out approach makes sense to you and you are ready to make some positive changes for yourself in your life, whether it regards to weight or some other areas where you feel like your thought patterns could use a bit of reprogramming, feel free to give me a call. Again, my name is Rebecca Byrne. I am a certified hypnotist with FARE Hypnosis. I look forward to working with you.  

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