Trust Yourself

Over the past few weeks I’ve talked about fear of failure and questioning your beliefs. These blogs must have been preparing me for something that has come up in my own life that demonstrates the need to trust yourself.

I have two major opportunities presenting themselves at the moment. I was talking about them to someone I know and I immediately sensed that they didn’t believe either were possible. I walked away with some self doubt because of that conversation.

I thought about my feelings for the next few hours. How most people would view them as long shots, too risky and a waste of my time and energy. So I put on my walk the talk shoes and questioned what I believe and what my own fears are. As a lifelong entrepreneur, I take more risks than most. So far (knock on wood!) they’ve panned out. This person would say I’m due for an epic fail. Maybe.

But then I thought about all the success stories you hear about and how unlikely they were. My conclusion was, “Why not me?”

Enough said. I’m marching on!

So again, you need a cheerleader in your corner to help you gain more confidence and trust in yourself, give me a call!

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