Tracy Krogen, CH

Tracy Krogen is a Consulting Hypnotist at FARE Hypnosis,  in practice since 2020. With a BS in social work, she is currently studying to be a licensed clinical social worker.

Her introduction to hypnosis was to get help with sleep problems. It was so impactful that she became a hypnotist. Two years later, she had a very painful surgery. With self-hypnosis, she was comfortable enough to forego opiate painkillers following the surgery. 

Tracy works with many issues but enjoys three primary areas: teens, smokers, and pre and post-surgical clients.

The daily pressures teens face manifest in many ways and impact their motivation to do homework, study, focus on tests, sports performance, and relationships, to name a few. She works with teens to help them utilize the strength within themselves to take control of their education and build self-confidence. 

Tracy assists smokers become permanent non-smokers. People cannot afford to smoke – from a health and financial perspective. Hypnosis clears the way for them to breathe deeply, enjoy the taste of food, and smell the many things they didn’t even know they’d been missing. She gets great satisfaction from watching smokers take back control of their life and their health.

Tracy believes everyone can harness the power of their subconscious mind to embrace a new you. She looks forward to working with clients and is excited to embark on that journey with them.

Imagine you!

Tracy is certified

  • through the National Guild of Hypnotists
  • as a consulting hypnotist through FARE Hypnosis 
  • in Emotion Resolution Work through FARE Hypnosis 
  • in pain management through FARE Hypnosis 
  • in spirit releasement through FARE Hypnosis 
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