To Be

I was reading a few excerpts from a book called the Story of Be by David Crystal. Now you’d really have to BE into language and it’s history to likely enjoy this book. He says, “It has many forms, and they’re all quite short: “be,” “is,” “am,” “was,” “were.” But the importance of the verb “to be” is humongous. It might not seem that interesting. It’s a straightforward workhorse, giving us the means to talk about what things are, or, simply, that they exist. It sometimes plays a minor supporting role as a helper to more exciting, meaning-packed verbs. It keeps itself so small and unobtrusive that we hardly notice that it’s the big, beating heart of our language.” He goes on to say, “ Most verbs stay basically the same in different grammatical roles. “Walk” looks like “walks” and “walked.” But the word “be” looks nothing like the word “am,” which looks nothing like the word “were.”

I started thinking how this applies to who we are as individual persons and the many facets of our Selves. Each of us is important, we are workhorses, we are helpers to exciting things that are sometimes bigger than ourselves, we are the heart of many things. And yet, like the word, we take on many different ‘looks’ or personas. But in the end. We are simply who we are.

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