Thanksgiving signals the time of the year when for the next six weeks retailers remind us to eat, give gifts, and be thankful. 

A part of me is grateful for the reminder. It’s easy to get caught up in the challenges life brings and forget to practice gratitude.

A larger part of me asks “Why isn’t this a daily practice?” Shouldn’t we appreciate the food that sustains us every day? Why aren’t we randomly practicing acts of giving kindness throughout the year? In fact, wouldn’t it make these things more precious when the receivers aren’t expecting it?

I’ve already made my resolution for the new year, and I’m not going to wait to start in six weeks. I’m challenging myself to perform an act of kindness or an appreciation of something in my life every single day. I believe it will change not only my world but those on the receiving end of the gift of kindness and appreciation will feel so good they may choose to pay it forward.

Will you join me in this challenge to spread the kindness and appreciation the world needs so much today? It’s all about the ripple effect my friends….

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