I came to FARE Hypnosis Center desperate to quit smoking. I had tried the usual cessation aids, patches, gum, prescriptions medications, and nothing worked for me. I felt trapped. I had a friend tell me that she quit through hypnosis. I figured that I had tried everything else, what’s there to lose? Well, there was nothing to lose and so much gain, more than I had ever dreamed of. Long story short, I am now one month smoke free and will be a non-smoker the rest of my life. My life has done a complete 180 throughout my hypnosis journey. I am now enrolled in college and have a new take on life altogether. Linda guided me to the path that I always wanted to be on; I just needed some help finding my way back. I am so happy I decided on hypnosis and would highly recommend it to people who may feel lost or unable to overcome something in their life. There is hope.

Annie C from Prior Lake