Teen Confidence

As parents and guardians of teens, we don’t always think about how much pressure and how many expectations teens have. They have expectations from home and at school, both to do more AND to do it all well. Pressure to drive, the expectation to pick a career and college, and decide what the rest of their lives should look like by the time they graduate high school. 

Peer pressure can be the worst kind of pressure, creating doubts about who they are as individuals and worrying if they will fit in.  

That’s a lot to carry on their shoulders, sometimes creating a lack of confidence in themselves.

Having confidence can help them navigate through all the expectations and pressures they are facing. When we become partners with our teens in fulfilling the expectations put on them, they feel not only more confidence in their ability to make decisions, but they feel the confidence that comes from our bond with them being strengthened. Bonus, this will relieve stress that may have been hindering their ability to see their situations.

We owe it to our teens to be present with them and help them find the tools within themselves to fulfill whatever expectations they may have put before them or that they may have for themselves in the future.

Providing a loving and supportive environment can boost their ability to make good decisions in whatever may come their way.

I’m Tracy Krogen, a certified consulting hypnotist with a BS in social work. 

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