The “United” States

Today’s Friday Photo comes from all over the United States and is a tribute to those that died from Covid-19. Franzi at is the creator of today’s picture. More than 300,000 – THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND – people have died of Covid-19. Most of whom died alone, without family or friends. Hundreds of thousands more […]

Stress and Sleep Deprivation – A Dangerous Cocktail

Featured Video Play Icon There’s little wonder about what has many people up at night these days. The big 3 – Covid, Conflict and Careers – are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stressors. And stress keeps you awake at night. Lack of sleep reeks havoc with your concentration and memory, negatively affects your […]

Financial Anxiety

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It’s not in the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, but what some describe as financial anxiety is becoming more and more prevalent. No matter what the cause of your worries and stress, it can have a detrimental effect on your life. People worry about money for a myriad of reasons, and […]

What Story Will You Tell?

Featured Video Play Icon Last week I talked about the Human Library. A few weeks before that my blog contained an article about a Covid patient and the woman who cleaned his room at the hospital. If you didn’t catch it, looks in the archives for Small Actions can Create Big Results.  We all have life stories to […]

Emotional Intelligence and the Human Library Denmark is consistently one of the happiest countries in the world. Lots of metrics go into earning that classification, and Denmark is always initiating new ideas to improve the lives of its citizens. I recently read about the Human Library, where instead of checking out a book, you “check out” a person to listen […]

Self Hypnosis for Stress Management

Featured Video Play Icon Today’s environment may be presenting you with some stressful situations. Many things are getting your attention and perhaps pulling you in different directions. Now more than ever, it’s important to do something that nourishes your soul – cook, garden, paint, write, sing, sit under the stars. All of these things can be done solo […]

Golden Gate, CA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from The Golden Gate, CA. I have made an important decision to end my relationship with FaceBook and Twitter. This is a big and potentially damaging position to take for my business as I will no longer be visible there. I am only one tiny cog in the wheel, but this […]

Puppy Love

Featured Video Play Icon Like many others who are spending lots of time alone at home, I decided to get a puppy. It’s been a long three years that I’ve been dog-less and while the freedom was nice, the house felt lonely. What I love the most about puppies, and dogs in general, is their ability to show […]

Baboon Creek, Tanzania

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a creek in Tanzania. Dr. May puts a spin on Viktor Frankel’s quote. We always have the power to choose our thoughts and our emotions , no matter what the situation. Think first, then choose how to react. Your life will improve exponentially when you practice this and make it […]

To Be

Featured Video Play Icon I was reading a few excerpts from a book called the Story of Be by David Crystal. Now you’d really have to BE into language and it’s history to likely enjoy this book. He says, “It has many forms, and they’re all quite short: “be,” “is,” “am,” “was,” “were.” But the importance of the […]