Hypnosis Issues

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Hypnosis is certainly very effective to quit smoking and for weight loss. And it is also very effective for SO much more! Here’s a few issues clients have come in for lately:

Learn Self-Hypnosis – Take Back Control

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Learn Self-Hypnosis – Take Back Control: Science shows that the body and the mind are inextricably connected. Your emotions, your beliefs and your thoughts can create your reality the way you choose to see it.

Anchorage, Alaska

Today’s Friday Photo shows the rich Fall colors from Anchorage, Alaska. This lake is the site of a very busy sea plane ‘field’, with planes frequently taking off and landing. It made me contemplate about how many times we’ve been told that our emotions can’t take flight. If we are too happy or exuberant, we […]

How to Breathe

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I talk to every client about how to breath properly for to relax, get calm and feel in control. Get comfortable, close your eyes and do this with me.

Confidence in Getting a Job

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A client from Edina came to see me about confidence in interviewing for a new job. He had been let go from his previous job