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Student Testimonials

Here is a sampling of feedback from some of our students:

“Roberta is clearly a stand-out in the Twin Cities’ hypnosis community. She brings a professionalism and level of knowledge that is rarely found, and takes her work and her commitment to bettering the field of hypnosis very seriously.” Tena R., Therapist

“Roberta is a fountain of knowledge and experience and is able to transmit information to students in a way that is accessible, easy to understand and inspiring. Not everyone who is knowledgeable is a good teacher – but Roberta certainly is.”  Trina K.

“If you are new to hypnosis, like I was, Roberta’s FARE 1.0 course is a comprehensive and inspiring introduction to hypnotism practice.From the history of hypnosis to the therapeutic application, running your own hypnotism practice, and skillful techniques, you will receive a well-rounded education and practice opportunities and resources to enhance your service model! I am already  looking forward to taking her Emotion resolution training!” Samantha H., Social Worker

“Roberta is amazing! I was so very impressed with the amount of dedication and professionalism that Roberta puts into this program. Thorough instruction, lots of dialogue and practice makes this training program so successful.” Linda S.

“Roberta is a very organized & thorough trainer. The Center is professional and comfortable. My education was solid & I feel confident in my new abilities to do the work!”  Tara H.

“I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and a certified hypnotherapist. I recently took the Emotion Resolution Work™ training at the Fare Hypnosis Center. I used the regression process with several of my clients the first week after class. Every person had effective results with a significant level of emotional resolve in the first session. I’ve been able to implement it in my normal 50 minute sessions. I’m so excited to help my clients with the Emotion Resolution Work™ process. I highly recommend this class to all therapists. Roberta is knowledgeable, professional and experienced. She taught the material in a way that was easy to comprehend using numerous examples of different case scenarios. Investing the time and money in hypnosis training has been one of the best tools I’ve added to use with my clients. I am looking forward to taking Emotion Resolution 2.0!”   Kelly Meissner, LMFT

“This class provides great training to do responsible work with my clients.” Becky B.

“Roberta is very knowledgeable in this field and it is worth the money spent!” Rena M.

“Roberta’s great compassion for other’s is infectious. She taught me how to successfully perform hypnosis with anyone and gave me incredible tools to kindle hope in others.” Eric F.

“Absolutely loved the resource list, bookshelf and the stories! Roberta’s level of knowledge and familiarity with, and especially passion for this work is outstanding! It really seems like she’s been practicing and educating herself on this for decades. I loved this class and am glad I took it!” Christine T.

“Roberta is extremely knowledgeable, professional and skilled at what she does and I have learned more than I imagined and have kept up my excitement about practicing hypnosis because of her.” Erin F.

“Roberta knows her stuff! It is a comprehensive course! I would recommend this training to anyone.” Roxann K.


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