Your Story

I want to continue with a consequence of blaming and not taking responsibility. Whatever you’ve chosen to blame becomes a story you continue to tell in many forms.
Let’s use the example of your job loss to the millennial. It becomes the reason why you can’t go out with friends (no money), find a new job (they don’t hire people my age anymore), want to stay home and eat and watch tv all day (now I’m too fat and depressed, no one loves me, I feel worthless). And none of this is my fault – I can’t help it that I’m old.
The stories you create become a belief system in which you have surrendered control to situations and others – Things you never had control over any way. But the damage is in accepting these stories as your truth about who you are. Accepting responsibility over what was, allows you to see that really is, then move past it into what you really want.
Take control by changing your thoughts and stories, and you change your life!
I’m Roberta Fernandez, a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Trainer at The FARE Hypnosis Center, helping you take back control, by unlocking the power of your mind to reach your goals of any kind.

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