My (very steep) Backyard, MN

Today’s Friday Photo comes from my very steep backyard in Chanhassen, MN. As I watch my step carefully raking my way down this slippery slope this weekend, you may be wondering what this has to do with happiness. Everything. Events are neutral (in this case, raking a LOT of leaves). I am the one who assigns judgment about it being positive or negative. Why would I choose negative when positive feels so much better? I could choose to think about how much hard work it will be, how it will consume my morning, how cold it’s going to be, or how sore I will be afterwards. Or I could choose to think about the great exercise I’ll get, how I can get into my zone (aka hypnosis) and contemplate how wonderful life is, be grateful for the shade this beautiful maple provides me all summer and how colorful it is in the fall – and how it’s such a great excuse to get a massage after I’m done! I choose happy…………..

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