Stages of Spiritual Awakening

The stages of spiritual awakening

Hi, I am Brenda Kay, a certified hypnotist and Soul Coach. In the past 10 years, I have helped thousands of individuals to find the missing link to connect with their soul self or higher self.

Today I want to give you some of the stages of spiritual awakening.

  • The spiritual awakening process is complex, multi-layered, and different for everyone. In reality, it cannot be fit into neat categories.
  • However, with that being said it is helpful to have a “map” to locate where you’re at right now. The following stages are general. They define the overall flow of the spiritual awakening process:
  • Stage 1 – Unhappiness, despondency, and feeling lost
  • In this stage, you experience the aforementioned Dark Night of the Soul. You are searching for something, but you don’t quite know what.
  • Stage 2 – Shifting perspectives
  • You start to perceive reality in a different way. In this stage, you start seeing through the lies and delusions propagated by society.
  • Stage 3 – Seeking answers and meaning
  • There must be a point to all this, right? In this stage, you’re asking all the deep questions. You are in search of your life purpose, spiritual destiny, and the meaning of life itself.
  • Stage 4 – Finding answers and experiencing breakthroughs
  • After a lot of soul searching, you’ll find a few teachers, practices, or belief systems that ease your existential suffering.
  • Stage 5 – Disillusionment and feeling lost again
  • Life is about movement. With the spiritual awakening process, there is always an ebb and flow. In this stage, you become bored and tired of your spiritual teachers or practices. The unhappiness and stagnation you feel will motivate you to go in search of more.

  • Stage 6 – Deeper inner work
  • In this stage, you’re not interested in dabbling in feel-good spiritual philosophies or surface practices anymore. You may become a serious student of meditation, mindfulness, ritual, inner child work, shadow work, bodywork, or other transpersonal philosophies.
  • Stage 7 – Integration, expansion, joy
  • Integration means taking the spiritual lessons you’ve learned from your inner work and applying them to your daily life. Above all else, you will feel connected, at peace with yourself, and deeply aligned with life.
  • Note: it is common to move back and forth between these spiritual awakening stages. Remember that this is not a linear process – you cannot just move from A to B to C. This is a complex and messy path, so it’s perfectly fine if it doesn’t look like what I’ve described. Your spiritual awakening process is unique to you. But I do hope this analysis has helped (in some way) to ‘gain your bearings.’

I’m Brenda Kay, your soul’s guide to peace, joy, and freedom.

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