Smoking, Chewing, and Vaping

Hi, I’m Tracy Krogen, a certified consulting hypnotist with a BS in social work. I want to talk about smoking, chewing, and vaping. Their use leads to preventable diseases, costing billions of dollars yearly related medical interventions. It is highly addictive to those who choose to use them, making it difficult to quit. Nicotine addiction is reward based, meaning the brain is rewarded with the release of dopamine, such as cocaine and heroin, so that the repeating of the act reinforces the good feeling from dopamine. The secondary reinforcement is that it enhances pleasure in other activities. 

 In June, the FDA banned the sale of Juul vapes due to chemicals that are unique to that brand. Although a judge stayed against the ban for further scientific reviews, it is one more indicator that there is a reason to avoid vaping. In an article, people claimed that vaping was an excellent smoking cessation tool, but they continued being addicted to using nicotine. 

Chewing is said by users to have been a smoking cessation tool, only to continue to use nicotine in that form, holding on to the habit. 

Smoking is a hazardous habit causing 80-90% of all lung cancers, and 80% do not survive the disease. 

Hypnosis is an effective way to breathe deep again and to help you get control of nicotine, no longer allowing it to control you. 

I’m Tracy Krogen, a certified consulting hypnotist. 

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