Three Ways to Check Your Self-Talk

Hi.  I’m Rebecca Byrne, a certified hypnotist with Fare Hypnosis.  Today I’d like to check in with you.  How helpful are the thoughts that you’re thinking to yourself about yourself?  Sometimes the thoughts that run through our heads are running on repeat.  They have become so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that we don’t pay any attention to them.  They become part of our character.

Today I’d like you to check in with your thoughts.  Find out if your thoughts meet the next three criteria:

  1.  Are your thoughts true?
  2. Are these thoughts helpful?
  3. Are these thoughts kind?

Now, if these thoughts that you’re having on repeat do not meet those three criteria, it’s time to change them up.  You can do that by flipping or inverting the thought from a negative connotation to a positive one, or you can simply just replace that thought with something more helpful.  You can borrow a quote from your favorite author.  Whatever you find helpful, I recommend you do it.  Every time you catch yourself repeating those unhelpful or negative thoughts, replace it with that new thought that you found for yourself that is kinder, more helpful, and true.


Now sometimes, these thoughts that come up are pretty deeply ingrained in our subconscious.  They’ve been with us a long time, and sometimes you need a little more help than catching yourself and replacing that thought. That is where hypnosis comes in.  We can take you to a deep level of relaxation and provide a little more clarity on where those thoughts have come from, and help you to dissolve them and replace them with new, more positive patterns.  So if you’d like to change the soundtracks playing in your head, give me a call.

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