Random Acts of Kindness

Many years ago I uses to see bumper stickers that said Practice Random Acts of Kindness. That phrase always stuck with me. There have been times when someone didn’t have change for their bill at the grocery store and I’ve pitched in, held the door open for a mom with a huge stroller and kids in tow, or helped an older person put their groceries in the car. You know the things I’m talking about.

This week I had an idea for those sheltering in place in my building. A couple of nights ago I snuck down to the lobby and set up a Gratitude tree. Complete with paper, pen and metal hangers, they can express what they are grateful for in this though time. It’s been an interesting experiment. They are grateful for nature, music, community, family time and even for the tree. I went down the next day and someone had plugged it in so it was lit up. Someone commented on the light it now shines.

Simple gestures go a long way, especially when people are feeling are so isolated. I challenge you to practice some random act of kindness this week and make your gratitude list.

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