Power of Words – Genshai

As a hypnotist, I fully appreciate the value of words. Linda recently gave me a book to read that her mother gave her years ago. It’s called Aspire, Discovering your Purpose through the Power of Words, by Kevin Hall. I’d like to do a short series on some of the key words Kevin talks about in his book. 
We are going to start with a Hindi word – Genshai. Practicing the principle of Genshai means that you never treat anyone in a way that would make them feel small – and that includes yourself.
I ask clients if they know someone who regularly lessen others by talking down to them and making them feel small. “Yes!”, they’ll say. Then I point out their own self talk – I ask them if they would ever say the things they say about themselves to a friend. “Of course not!” Yet, they treat themselves as small, as lesser.
Practicing Genshai means applying the same principles of love and consideration that we show to others to ourselves as well. What can you be saying to yourself that makes you feel loved and worthy?
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