Power of Words – Fun!

It’s a very special day. The last month I’ve been talking about the power of words and we’ve been looking at the origin of words. Today we’ll talk about the word fun.
The word fun has not always had a good message. People used to say when you made fun of someone you were trying to cheat them or play a hoax on them. There’s funny money, meaning not real or counterfeit. Something horrible. And that’s not the way the word fun should be!
So today we’ve decided the word fun should have a different look. What do you say Linda?Let’s show them. Let’s do it!
We are here, you’re hypnotists. Tell them what’s going to happen, Linda.
Once a month you’re going to see our beautiful faces and our glasses, just Two Hypnotists Sitting on a Park Bench. And we’re going to lighten things up around here.
A great idea, because sometimes life gets a little too serious and we all need a little fun – the good kind of fun with the good kind of meaning. 
So watch for: Two Hypnotists Sitting on a Park Bench.
We’re Roberta Fernandez and Linda Schutz, two Board Certified Hypnotists at The FARE Hypnosis Center.

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