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Two weeks ago my blog was on opioids. In response someone sent me a copy of a recent survey from the CDC – the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They studied 1.3 million non-cancer patients. Here’s what they found:
Only 6% of patients who were prescribed 1 one day supply of opioids were still taking them a year later. That number doubled to 12% if they had a 6 day supply and quadruples to 24% if they were prescribed a 12 day supply.
I recently attended a local town hall forum at a high school. Representatives from the sheriff department, Hazelden and other local organizations were talking about the problem of opioids in our schools. Did you know that most of those addicted to heroin start with opioids? People as young as 12 get their opioids from parents and grandparents that have prescriptions laying around the house.
Opioids are a serious problem on so many levels. Hypnosis is not the only answer, but it is a piece of the puzzle. If you know someone in chronic pain or getting ready for surgery, get them to see a hypnotist. 
To prevent opioid addiction, the best solution is to keep it out of your home to begin with.
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