Today we are going to talk about lying. The most common emotion when someone lies to you is anger. You lose trust in that person and tend to think they are meaning to hurt you in some way. This can be true. There are people that simply lie about everything if the truth doesn’t serve them. But perhaps you can explore another perspective.

Many parents put there children in no-win  situation. Something is broken and everyone knows the child did it. The parent asks, “Did you do this?” The child is backed into a corner, knowing if they say yes they are in big trouble. So it can force them to lie and it becomes about self protection. Lying becomes a learned behavior and a powerful self help tool.

For example, do they just not have the courage to say what they need to say like, “I don’t love you anymore” and chose to lie and cheat on you, hoping YOU will decide to leave so they don’t have to? It may seem odd, but it is a form of self-protection.

The next time someone lies to you, put yourself in their shoes and examine if there is a reason why they feel the need to protect themselves? The lie will still be a lie, but you will have a better understanding of it and perhaps a bit more compassion and willingness to forgive.

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