Locus of Control

Today I’m passing along information that I loved from a blog from Brian Hill, an astrologer.

Yes, we are certainly dealing with some interesting external circumstances theses days. However, if we give our power over to them, we will certainly lose our power. If on the other hand, we cultivate our “internal locus of control” we can be the landscaper of our garden and not the “landscaped.”

Use this week, one day at a time, to choose what kind of day you want, even with the given circumstances. Choose what to make of your time. This is exemplified by Frankl in his book, with the story of a fellow prisoner in Auschwitz. The way this prisoner dealt with his imprisonment was that each and every day, he played an imagined round of golf on his home golf course. When he began each day, he imagined himself standing on the first tee slamming the ball straight down the fairway. He then went on to play a magnificent eighteen holes of golf. He ended the day sitting in the clubhouse enjoying his glass of bourbon. Talk about a potent “inner locus of control!”  When the war ended and he got back home, of course he went quickly to the golf course, whereupon in the first real round of golf he played in years, he hit an amazing three under par.

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