Issues We specialize in stress pain sleep We also use hypnosis to help you improve and change many issues affecting your life such as: Caregiver stress – Confidence Fear – Test taking and study skills –; current link on site Parenting skills – current link on site Quit smoking – Weight –; add form for 3 podcasts Sports improvement – and so much more! Because you must be a willing participant in hypnosis, each individual’s experience and hypnosis results will vary. Your desire for change and the level to which the issue is embedded in your subconscious all play a part in how quickly change can happen. Hypnosis is like a bicycle. It can transport you to where you want to go, but you have to steer and peddle to get there. There is no magic wand. On average, our process requires six visits to address most issues. Most appointments last 60-90 minutes, sometimes more. Some clients may require more visits, depending on the issue, their level of commitment, and a variety of other factors. While there is occasional success in one session for certain issues, this is not the norm, and with the exception of a relaxation visit, we very rarely provide single visits for clients. For certain motivational issues, four visits are the norm.
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