Hypnosis for Worry

Excessive worrying never improves your situation. Hypnosis can!

Worry, or whatever else you choose to name it, happens when you bring a fear from your past into a current or future situation. While you can learn from your past, do it does not have to repeat itself in your present or in your future.

Hypnosis can get to the root of what is really bothering you and empower you to change your thoughts around what ever has you concerned. Learn how to create the life you want.

Stress can keep you safe, but chronic stress can kill you. In this recording of a live workshop (audio and slides) you will learn:

– how hypnosis works
– how the brain and mind develops
– why your thoughts are so powerful
– the science of how stress impacts your body
– a technique you can use to feel calm and take back control anytime, anywhere

Learn and practice this deep breathing technique to help you stay calm, focused and in control!

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