Hypnosis for Self Improvement

Hi, I’m Linda Schutz a Board Certified Hypnotist at FARE Hypnosis. I recently had an aha experience that I wanted to share with you.

The other day I was on zoom waiting for a client to show up for a hypnosis session. I happened to be looking into the computer screen, and I looked up into the corner of my computer and then back into my face. I noticed  something incredible that I have never seen before. I saw my eyeballs move. Now I know you look at yourself in the mirror, but your eyeballs always follow you. But never have I experienced it in a way that was practically in real time.

It was kind of like being outside of myself and I started doing it over and over. (And I know you’re going to do it, too!)

So my first thought was that’s how other people see me. And I started thinking what else do other people see in me? Do they see somebody who’s stressed? Somebody who’s tired? In pain or somebody’s who’s happy or calm or relaxed?

And that’s one way that hypnosis can help you improve your self image. By questioning and changing the way you present yourself. Bu helping you release the worries and stress. Quitting smoking, losing weight, being healthier, being motivated. So that when other people see your eyes moving they see a happy healthy you.

I’m Linda Schutz and I want you to have a healthy, healthy day!

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