Hypnosis for Quit Smoking

Hi, I’m Linda Schutz a Board Certified Hypnotist at FARE Hypnosis. Today I want to talk to you about quit smoking, or vaping or chewing or any tobacco product.

I work a lot with smokers that want to quit smoking. One question that I like to ask them is “Do you like to smoke?” The answer is almost always “Yes, but I know I have to quit. My doctor told me I have to quit or I really want to quit.” 

Then I ask, “What in particular do you like about smoking?” I remember one man in particular said “Well, it calms me down, and I get to go spend some time by myself. I get out of work for a little bit.”

I said, “But do you like the taste, do you like the smell, the cough, the shortness of breath? The public shaming? Do you like any of that?” He said  “No, I don’t like that at all.”

This is what’s happening for him and others like him. He started smoking for some reason, typically when he was a teenager and he wanted to fit in and be cool. And you want to fit in and be cool so much that you are willing to cough and stink and all of this awful stuff. Then your mind has to rationalize this. I’m doing it because it makes me look cool. I’m doing it because I like it. And the more you tell yourself that you smoke because you like ti, that goes into your subconscious mind over and over and then a belief is formed that you really like smoking. But in the beginning you didn’t like it.

So I help smoker’s reframe their thoughts, to release a belief that really isn’t working for them anymore. That’s why I have so much success working with smoking cessation here at FARE Hypnosis. So have a healthy, healthy day!

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