NGH Certified FARE Comprehensive Hypnotism™

This is the ‘Cadillac’ course for those who want to be as well-rounded as possible in the profession. This course covers Ericksonian direct suggestion techniques, Elman hypnotic regression techniques, and an introduction to NLP. It includes these certifications and all courses offered by The FARE Hypnosis Center. 

  • 17 days of training. Choose the courses at times that work for you!
  • Certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists as a Consulting Hypnotist
  • Certification through The FARE Hypnosis Center
  • Pain Management
  • Emotion Resolution Work™ 
  • Emotion Resolution Work™ 2.0 
  • Past Life and Spirit Releasement

Your Commitment
– Pre-Course Requirements:
– All of those required under FARE 1.0
– Read The Secret Language of Feelings by Calvin Banyan
– Read Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy by Calvin Banyan and Gerald Kein or The Art of Regression Therapy by Roy C. Hunter

Course Certification Requirements:
– Complete all hours of class time
– Pass NGH exam
– Demonstrate competency in conducting a hypnosis session

Post Certification Benefits
– One year membership in the NGH
– You can retake the course at no charge within 18 months based on space availability

The Curriculum
– Primary course sources: NGH Certified training, William Baldwin, Charles Tebbetts,
Dr. Fritz Perls – Chair Therapy, Gerald Kein – Universal Therapy, Calvin Banyan – 5 PATH,
C. Roy Hunter, basic mediation theory
– See the details from the FARE 1.0 above
– Emotion Resolution Work™  addresses the emotional attachment involved in a variety of issues through the use of techniques that:
   – identify the emotion
   – examine the belief that underlies that emotion
   – explore forgiveness and the ability to let go of that emotion, and
   – provide positive, productive alternatives



Also covered –
– The who, what, when of regression
– Causes, beliefs and emotions
– Hypnotic regression techniques
– Resolution processes
– Forgiveness and letting go
– Parts negotiation theory
– Secondary gain
– Ideomotor responses
– Ethics and leading issues
– See the details for the classes below in the curriculum guide
– Past Life and Spirit Releasement
– Emotion Resolution Work™ 2.0


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