The FARE Hypnosis Center provides continuing education for the busy hypnosis professional. You can download information on the curriculum below and watch for special training workshops in this space:

  • Emotion Resolution Work™
    The Emotion Resolution Work™ course is for those who are already certified who want to add a new level of professional hypnotic techniques to their skill set in order to help their clients be more successful.

Emotion Resolution Work™  addresses the emotional attachment involved in a variety of issues through the use of techniques that:
– identify the emotion
– examine the belief that underlies that emotion
– explore forgiveness and the ability to let go of that emotion, and
– provide positive, productive alternatives

  • Emotion Resolution Work™ 2.0 – Must have completed Emotion Resolution Work™
  • Past Life Regression and Spirit Releasement – must have hypnotic regression training
  • Pain Management


Download the information you need for 2019:
Curriculum Guide
Enrollment Form
2019 Calendar
Required Course Reading

Download the information you need for 2020:
NOTICE: Roberta will only teach 1 NGH certification class in 2020 so don’t miss it!
Curriculum Guide
Enrollment Form
2020 Calendar
Required Course Reading

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