Hypnosis History – Who is Franz Mesmer?

After our last hypnosis history post, some of you have asked who is this Mesmer guy? Franz Anton Mesmer is considered to be one of the modern fathers of hypnosis. In the early to middle 1700’s Mesmer was gaining a lot of popularity to cure diseases. He moved to Paris and admired by the upper hierarchy there and gaining popularity. They were making great claims about Mesmer. King Louis XVI wasn’t that crazy about him, even though his wife was, and he set up a committee to investigate him.
With the science of the time, Mesmer thought that the powers he had came from magnets and magnetic forces. He used them in his healings. This is is where the term ‘animal magnetism’ comes from. The term ‘mesmerize’ also came from Mesmer. He would do what we now consider to be hypnotic techniques and he used them with individuals and groups. People were said to be mesmerized by him.
So Mesmer was an interesting character and quite flambouyant. In his session he’d wear capes and use candle lighting and I’m sure put on a quite a spectacle. As to whether his techniques were effective or not will depend on which version of history book you read.
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