Hypnosis History – Who is James Braid?

James Braid is another important historical figure in hypnosis, a highly regarded and successful Scottish surgeon in the mid 1800’s. Unlike Esdaile, he believed that it was not the hypnotist who had control in the hypnotic process, but the patient themselves. His views were not popular in his time, as he did not believe there was any thing to do with magnetism or the occult (which were opinions of those practicing Mesmerism), but identified eye fixation and concentration as the reason for the hypnosis. He believed that hypnosis was phenomena attributes to the physiological state of the brain and spinal cord.
He saw hypnosis as a valuable complement to the medical profession, not a rival to other forms of treatment. This, along with his opinion of hypnosis being a function of the brain, we now know to be a natural state of brain function. A man ahead of the times!
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