“Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery is painless, and it feels so good to lose weight, wear clothing that fits and watching the muffin top disappear.” Maggie G.


You diet, but always feel hungry. You make it through the first few days or a week, then fall off the diet wagon, feeling like a failure.

If you have a lot of weight to lose (50 pounds or more), your stomach has probably been stretched from eating larger portions. It takes more food for you to feel full and satisfied. This is problematic if you are trying to cut back on the amount you eat to get rid of those pounds.

The FARE Hypnosis Center’s Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery helps you feel full and satisfied with small amounts of food, without all of the side effects and dangers of actual bariatric surgery.image12

How can this possibly work? Because experiment after experiment in neuroscience shows that your brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is vividly imagined. In hypnosis, we work with your subconscious mind and perform the ‘surgery’ so you feel full after eating only small portions.

We get rid of old beliefs that no longer serve you and instill positive messages and habits so that you can have that ideal body size and shape you want.

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“I realized while in the class that a majority of my bad habits blossomed from stress and the feeling of inadequacy. I went into this with knowledge of every healthy step that you “should” do. However, the hypnosis was that little boost you need. It’s that “ah ha!” moment. During the 7 week duration I lost a total of 23 pounds.” – K. S.

“One of the many things we learned is how to get rid of the ‘distractors’ that are enabling us. Once we did the work ‘inside’ our weight started coming off.” Fred and  Marcy S.

Take back control of your appetite today!

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