Smoking can be harmful to your lungs and heart, and leave you vulnerable to a wide variety of serious diseases.

It can also be damaging to your wallet: The average cost of one pack ranges from $5.00 (Kentucky) to $14.00 (New York City). Assuming a mid range of $8.00 per pack, smoking one pack per day, you will spend $2,920 per year!

There are many strategies to help you stop smoking. Perhaps you’ve tried them all and had little lasting success. Using hypnosis to quit smoking can help you quickly pass through the chemical and emotional withdrawal stages and never look back.

The Breathe Deep Program

The Breathe Deep program can help you stop smoking because it is patterned after a tried and true method developed by Dr. Harold B. Crasilneck and Dr. James A. Hall. In an article in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, published 9/21/2011, Dr. Crasilneck states that he has seen 4,355 patients over 35 years to help them stop smoking using hypnosis, achieving a success rate of 81%from the last session through the one year mark.

I’m curious, what else will you enjoy doing with $2,920 each year AND with a strong heart and clear lungs?
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