The Healthcare Box : Are You In or Out of It?

Two Saturdays ago on Minding Your Health, my radio show on 950AM, I talked with 2 doctors about thinking outside of the box on healthcare, and the importance of our personal ability and responsibility to play a role in our own care. Are you in or out? And who’s in control of your box?
Whether you are a patient, insurer or provider, I know I don’t have to educate you about the rising costs of healthcare – we know they are out of control and we need to herd them back into the box. 
But over the last 5 years, I’m seeing that things are changing. – moving outside of the box.
This month, hypnosis was used as an anesthesia for the first time in deep brain surgery in Germany.
Hypnosis is used in cancer centers, ER’s, in obstetrics and has applications in many other hospital departments. It has been widely accepted by researchers to be effective in many health related-areas, such pain management and stress. Studies have also shown cost-reduction in surgery time and drug use, and improvements in recovery and patient satisfaction. And this is all just barely outside the box compared to where it could be.
This past week I gave a training to a room of nurses and various kind of rehab therapists at Park Nicollet, and had several meetings with department heads at North Memorial Hospital about hypnosis.
Patients, payor and payees are all looking for effective, lower cost alternatives. 
What do I like about hypnosis? It’s in and out of the box thinking: In because it has lots of strong science behind it and it’s a natural state of mind (you own it!). Out because it’s relatively low cost and fast acting, and you self manage – all without negative side effects! 
And if you want to be out of the box in an impactful way – attend my free workshop here at the Center on February 7th at 6pm where you can learn about getting certified as a hypnotists – to use in your current help in profession or to start a new career.
Don’t forget to join me this Saturday and call in with your questions – online or on the radio – at 10 am for ‘Minding’ Your Health – Take Back Control on AM950 radio. Or check out the podcasts for free on The FARE Hypnosis Center’s online store.
I’m Roberta Fernandez, a Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Trainer at The FARE Hypnosis Center, helping you take back control by unlocking the power of your mind to reach your goals of any kind.

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