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Friday Photos For Fun & Inspiration!

Custer, SD

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Custer, South Dakota. Once nearly extinct, the bison has rebounded because of environmental protection laws. They are a current day

Maasai Baby, Kenya

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a Maasai tribe in Kenya. This quote reminded me of the circular pattern of this woman’s wedding necklaces and her

Stillwater, MN

 Today’s Friday Photo comes from Stillwater, Minnesota. As spring brings forward new life, I was pondering the definition of spirituality – the nature of our

Virgin River, UT

Today’s Friday Photo comes from the Virgin River in Utah. There will always be pain and hurt in your lifetime. Letting it go and forgiving

Rhode Island Backyard, RI

Today’s Friday Photo comes from a backyard in Rhode Island near Newport. This quote and picture reminds me of why I love spring. New life

Port Angeles, WA

Today’s Friday Photo comes from Port Angeles in Washington. For an artist, Henri was pretty good with words, too. Nothing more needs to be said

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