When Hypnosis Works Best

Hi! I’m Linda Schutz, a Board Certified Hypnotist at FARE Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy. A question I’m often asked is “Does hypnosis work?” That answer requires more of an explanation than just simply yes.

I find that my clients have varying degrees of success. The ones who are committed to the process and desire the positive changes in their lives have tremendous, transformational change.

Now let’s consider the clients that don’t really want to change, the ones that don’t truly want to let go of the unhealthy habits or behaviors that are getting in their way.  An example would be a smoker. His doctor or his family may have nagged on him to quit so he came in just to appease them. Or maybe a loving friend or relative is paying for the sessions and he doesn’t have any emotional or financial means invested in the outcome.

If the driving force for hypnosis sessions is external and not internal, that’s a bit trickier. All hope is not lost if they are open to allowing me to guide them to discover within themselves the emotion driving the behavior which they then can choose to release or neutralize. A client has to have an internally driven desire for positive change.

I’m Linda Schutz at Fare Hypnosis, wishing you a healthy and happy day.

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