Children and Emotions

Raise your hand if you got the talk about the birds and bees. Yes, as uncomfortable as it may have been, many of you got that talk at some point. We teach our children a lot of things, but let me ask you another question: How many of your parents talked to you about emotions and what they mean? Not so many.
A couple of weeks ago I talked about a 3 year old in a family that was using our breathing technique as a common language and skill for many things. (In her case, improving her potty skills, lol.) Mom told me that this time she heard a ruckus in the living room and went in to discover her 3 year old breathing. This time she said her 5 year old brother had taken her toy and it wasn’t fair. Now she was mad!
She learned well. Anger is a perception that something is unfair (last week’s blog). Mom then talked to her about how she could “make it fair” in a way that didn’t mean hitting or yelling. 
Imagine how this world would be if we would all learn at a young age what the meaning of our emotions were? Perhaps we’d all be getting more of what we needed in a way that was appropriate, and respecting the same for others.
If you want to know how to teach your children about emotions, give us a call today. 
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