“I received VERY positive feedback.  [A nurse] had a new consult after our meeting and came up to me afterwards to tell me how she incorporated what you taught us! You have a very positive energy about you and it is truly palpable.  I’m not surprised you have so much success – it’s easy to feel good around you!”  Lezlie Helfmann, PT
Rehab & Fitness Physical Therapy Supervisor, Park Nicollet HVC


Business training is a powerful tool to help you reduce costs and add to your bottom line. For most businesses, your employees:

  • Are usually the largest budgetary items (Salaries and related costs)
  • Can be your greatest asset
  • Are the face of your business
  • Can serve as an effective marketing role

With these things in mind, it is critical to have them functioning at their peak performance levels.

“I had pre-conceived that this was not going to be a good lecture.  Wrong! She was excellent.  She [Roberta] kept my attention thru the whole 2 hours.  She presented it very, very well.  Thank you.”  Jim Napoli, DC.

Click here for more testimonials.

Though there can be many things that may negatively interfere with your employees’ performance in the workplace, the top five issues that carry business risk and increase your costs are:

  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Organizational change

What do these issues cost your company? Download these brochures to discover how hypnosis can reduce your costs and provide the training opportunity for your employees to get healthier and be less stressed, increasing their productivity at work.

Vulnerability & Change: Expanding Your Hypnotism Practice
Workshop evaluation score:4.9 out of 5.
“Motivational; excellent energy boost; good presenter, great
info I can apply now; dynamic!”
National Guild of Hypnotists 2016 Convention

Conscious Napping® Benefits Program

Employees seek companies who provide benefits. Providing wellness benefits is a cost-effective way to keep your employees healthy, happy, loyal and productive.  The Conscious Napping® program provides cost effective ways to offer this important benefit. Call 612-839-2295 for more details!

Pain, Opioids and Hypnosis:
Workshop evaluation score:4.9 out of 5.
“Engagingly presented, informative;  It was so packed with information! Well-organized program, terrific speaker,
innovative thinker and provided practical useful information.
Roberta was fantastic. Her presentation polished and detailed.”
National Guild of Hypnotists 2017 Convention

Speaking Engagements and Workshops

business-trainingRoberta has been a speaker and trainer for the past 20 years in the education, government and business sectors. She is available to speak on a variety of topics such as:

  • Stop Letting Stress Manage You – Take Back Control!
  • Organizational Change – How Vulnerability and Uncertainty Can Work for You
  • Aligning Your Personal Compass
  • Self Hypnosis – Mindfulness on Steroids
  • The Power of Visualization in Performance Improvement
  • How to Use Self-hypnosis to Accomplish Personal and Professional Goals
  • Parents Are Hypnotists, Too!
  • Breaking Free from Pain
  • Stress Management for Caregivers
  • What Medical Professionals Should Know About Hypnosis for Their Patients
  • Breaking Free from Pain and Opioids: Discovering the Hypnosis Option
  • Breathe Deep – Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Loss

See where Roberta is or has been speaking lately here. If you are an organization seeking training programs or a keynote speaker email or call  to talk about your specific area of interest. Click here for more testimonials.

We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful presentation you gave our members. Having experts, as yourself, share your time and talents has made our meeting a success!”    The Board of MNACVPR
(Mn Association of Cardiovascular Pulmonary Rehabilitation)

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