Body Talk

Hi, I’m Linda Schutz, a board certified hypnotist at the FARE Hypnosis Center. 
This morning a man from a delivery service stopped into our Center to drop off a package. He was a pleasant enough guy, in fact, if you didn’t speak English and just listened to the sound of his voice, you would have thought he was a very upbeat, positive and comical person.
That’s where the disconnect was.
I needed to sign for the package so he told me to just sign Happy Birthday. Then he said “I hate birthdays. It just means getting old. And the older I get the more my knees hurt. Then everything starts to hurt and I hate getting older.”
Then he sighed, gave a little laugh and wished me a good day and off he went.
It probably started out as a joke line- much more creative than talking about the weather.
I wonder how many packages a day he delivers and how many people he tells to just sign it Happy Birthday and oh by the way I hate birthdays and getting old makes my knees hurt, etc.
I wonder if he knows that every time he tells his story his body is listening.
I wonder if he knows that what started out as a joke line is now his life story, his belief.
I wonder how his knees would feel if he had never had that thought in the first place.
The message here is this: Talk nice to your body. Your body loves you unconditionally. Your body does remarkable, miraculous things for you every second of your life. Love it back! Go ahead – right now say I LOVE YOU BODY!
Say it over and over every day and you will notice a difference in how you feel.
I’m Linda Schutz, a Board Certified Hypnotist, helping you take back control, by unlocking the power of your mind to reach your goals of any kind.

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