Be Your Own Your Self

Hello, I’m Linda Schutz, a board certified hypnotist at the FARE Hypnosis Center.
I love driving through small towns and even big cities looking at all the old houses. There is always that one house that is bigger, better and has more charm than all the rest. If it has a turret and a wrap around porch I always say “Oh! That’s the one I want!”
Recently, while surfing the internet, I came across an abandoned luxury housing complex located in Turkey. Just google ghost town in Turkey and it will come up. 
The developer built 732 identical Disney like mini-castles and then went bankrupt. Now all of these unfinished mini castles sit empty. 
My first thought upon seeing this was “Oh! I want one of those!” But after watching the video again and again I realized that I would never want to live there. They are all the same. How would you know which house is yours? It’s just same same, same, and more of the same. It really depletes the charm effect that was originally intended.
Those houses are kind of like all of us. Just think what it would be like if WE were all the same. It would really deplete our individual charm, wouldn’t it? 
Instead of trying to be like everybody else in any way, wouldn’t we be better off just building up our OWN talents and strengths? Think of yourself as a house. Do you really want to be like every other house or do you want your own perfect charm to shine through?
I’m Linda Schutz helping you take back control, by unlocking the power of your mind to reach your goals of any kind.

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